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Chapter 1: On the Move

I was born in White Plains, New York to Canadian parents. Both of my parents came from big Catholic families and had 5 brothers and sisters apiece. Interestingly, my father’s sister also married my mother’s brother. …


Dear Josh,

You sit on my lap in your PJs. Your blond hair is slightly damp from the bath. Your big blue eyes are shining up at me as I pull out a new bedtime story.

You take a big gulp of milk from your sippy cup and wait for…


Dear Florida Man,

I know you have been lambasted in the news recently. People have called you, “dumb” and “deadly”. But Ronny boy, you clearly are just misunderstood.

Because like all Florida men, you beat to your own crazy drum. And in banning mask mandates in your great state, you…


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Dear California Drivers,

Your roads are vast and wide. In fact, compared to the roads in Japan or Italy, you have enough space for double-decker buses. And yet, you still seem to want more. Why stick to one lane, when you can drive in two at the same time? I…


I was in search of mindless TV. I didn’t want to think. I just wanted to give my brain a rest and dive into Netflix headfirst. I stumbled on a show called Sex Life.

And of course, I was reeled in.

With a title like that, who wouldn’t be? But…


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Have you ever stumbled across a mom with a crying toddler in tow trying to run out of the local toy store? The child, a little boy, is screaming at the top of his lungs because his mom refused to buy him a toy. …


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I watch her take a seat at the piano. It’s old and slightly out of tune, but it still works. Her fingers dance across the keys as she starts to sing,

“Moon River, wider than a mile. I’m crossing you in style, someday.”

She’s a small woman, no more than…


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I love humor. In fact, satire is one of my favorite genres.

But good humor is incredibly difficult to write. Go too far and you can insult your readers. Don’t go far enough, and your humor will fall flat. …


Two years ago, I suffered not one, not two, but three concussions. That’s right, three back-to-back concussions.

Now before you start wondering how I could be so unlucky (I’ve asked myself that many times) — you should know that the likelihood of getting a second concussion once you have had…


Dear Teenager in Training,

You’re 14 years old — practically an adult. You are almost ready to go into the world and make your mark. And yet, I do worry about you. Our bathroom worries about you. Our shower, sink, and toilet downright shudder when you enter the room.


Courtney Burry

5X top writer. I love to use satire and humor. I write about travel, politics, family, feminism, sports, health & music. So, basically everything.

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